Why vote for John A. Kinnaird?

  • My participation in community events demonstrates my interest in our residents and the town of Thurmont.
  • My participation in Town as a member of the Media Commission, the Cable Commission, the Planning and Zoning Commission and my regular attendance at town meetings has given me a clear and in-depth understanding of how our town government functions.
  • As a dedicated volunteer in town functions such as developing the town web site, broadcast camera operation, meeting video rebroadcast, photographing and publishing event photos demonstrate my willingness to serve the residents of Thurmont.
  • My 43 year involvement in the Downtown Business Association, Thurmont EDC and Thurmont Main Street reflect my belief in maintaining an active business community for the benefit of our residents and community.
  • If elected, I will work to see that the concerns and opinions of Thurmont residents are heard and taken into consideration in all BOC deliberations and decisions.
  • If elected I will strive to nurture a spirit of municipal volunteerism in our Community. Most importantly we must encourage, foster and show our appreciation for volunteer involvement.
  • If elected our residents can be assured of a Mayor who will fairly and objectively review all issues brought before the BOC, listen respectfully to differing opinions, voice my personal thoughts and concerns and take actions that are in the best interest of the residents of the Town of Thurmont.

Vote for John A. Kinnaird
Mayor of Thurmont
October 31, 2017

Concern For Our Community - Active Involvement - Proven Leadership

Why Vote?

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Originally published September 26, 2017.